Decorative Film

Decorative window films are available is a range of colors, textures and designs. Decorative films are also known as frosted films that are designed to provide you with privacy for both home and office environment.

Decorative films are widely used in installations for the home where privacy is required for a front door, bathroom, toilet or laundry. Decorative films not only give you the aesthetic appearance you want for your home, decorative films can also provide 24 hour privacy and peace of mind  without losing to much natural light. Decorative films are ideal for providing privacy for both external windows and internal glass also to comply with council regulations for overlooking issues.

Tint Shield’s decorative films provide you with a modern look and are certainly a more cost effective option than choosing a patterned  glass. Many patterns and designs can be created to achieve the look you are after , so imagine and create, the sky is your limit…..

The benefits of a Decorative film:

  • Provides excellent privacy 24/7.
  • Appropriate for Residential and Commercial properties.
  • Complies with council regulations for overlooking issues.
  • More cost effective than frosted glass.
  • Available in various styles.
  • Can be computer cut with patterns.
  • Images can be printed onto the film.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.


Home Patterned Frosting

Home Patterned Frosting

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