Privacy Film

How many of us have a front door , office window or bedroom windows that face the street, that are clear glass and we really don't want the look or style of the opaque or patterned glass that is available? Let Tint Shield install a privacy film and then you can relax and enjoy the day time privacy along with a pleasing appearance to compliment your home. 

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The Benefits of a privacy film

  • Peace of mind that your home or office internally is not visible from outside during the day.
  • You still have a great view outside, from inside of the window.
  • Privacy films are available in reflective films and non reflective films.
  • Privacy films provide an uplifting appearance that will compliment your home, office or building. 
  • Frosted films are also available for privacy both day and night! 
  • With a sun protection factor (SPF) in excess of 285, along with the protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Privacy film, Tint Shield

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  Privacy Film by Tint Shield

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Enjoy the windows to the world and protect what’s yours!