Commercial Tinting

At Tint Shield we understand that whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you do what it takes to reduce expenses and protect your bottom line. That is why we want to help you, let us provide you with information on the benefits of Window Tinting.

Key Benefits

Cooler Office space or working stations

Window Tint reflects away the heat from the sun, making the rooms cooler and a more comfortable working environment. There are various heat reductions that the window tints can provide, allowing us to custom to your needs.

Glare Reduction

Window Tint can reduce glare caused from the sun, other buildings, concrete surfaces, and water. Glare can be disruptive to your workplace, be blinding and cause unwelcomed headaches. There are various glare reductions available with our Window Tints, allowing us to custom to your needs.

Key Benefits

Blocks UV Rays

Window Tint can protect by reducing the exposure to harmful UV Rays that enter through the windows. Window Tint can block around 99% of the UV Rays. Safety Safety Tint is virtually invisible, and hard to notice when installed onto the glass.


Tint can reduce the likely hood of injury caused by broken or flying glass and human impact. Safety Tint can also deter unwanted intruders. The Safety Tint that Tint Shield installs is certified AS2208 compliant.

Key Benefits


Window Tint provides privacy from prying eyes reducing unwanted attention. Whilst inside you can still maintain your view looking through the window.

Frosted Privacy

Frosted films provide you with 24 hour / 7 days a week privacy. Frosted films are available in a range of appearances. Frosted films are very practical and popular for Bathrooms, Toilets, Front Entrance areas and office partitions. Frosted films can be used as an alternative to opaque glass when it is necessary to comply with council regulations. We also have decorative films available, we can even help you to create your own unique design!